Five Minute Presentation | Why Federal Employees Need Professional Liability Insurance

In a 5 minute overview, this webinar explains and details the professional liability exposures faced by employees in the federal workforce. 


Wanted: Federal Employees with High EQ

This webinar is available to all federal employees – and family members – at no charge. Employees, leaders, parents, spouses, children, and students will be introduced to Dr. Marc Brackett's emotional intelligence system, including the Mood Meter, to begin to develop emotional intelligence skills that will help in all areas of life.

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Navigating the Emotional Roller Coaster: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Effectively Lead in and Manage During Challenging Times

This webinar will focus on emotional intelligence, taking a deeper look at our own emotions and those of others around us. As a management professional, you know that emotions are running high across your organization. While colleagues struggle to overcome challenges they've never experienced or imagined before, you can help them manage and thrive by delving into the inner workings of our emotional response to major disruptors.

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For Law Enforcement Officers: Unlocking the power of emotions at work

The pursuit of an “emotion-free workplace” undermines that which makes us human: our feelings, including their influence on everyday performance. Each of us, consciously or not, experience hundreds of emotions each day. Imagining that our success in the workplace requires us to deny the existence of emotions is no more realistic than imagining a driver reaching her destination by ignoring the weather, traffic, and time of day. Andrea will share findings from two decades of research on emotions and emotion skills, offer practical ways to apply emotion skills in the workplace, and share the immense benefits of harnessing the wisdom of emotions at work. Jean and Brenda will provide insight on how to apply these skills and why it is more important than ever.

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Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance Now More Than Ever | Webinar for Managers

This webinar explains and details the professional liability exposures faced by managers and supervisors in the federal workforce, with an emphasis on the increased challenges and vulnerabilities presented by COVID-19.  In this trying era, federal managers face an increased risk of employee administrative complaints and agency investigations. The webinar gives federal managers the know-how on how to protect themselves with a federal employee professional liability insurance policy like the one offered by FEDS Protection.

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2020 Fire Season and Liability Exposures | Webinar for Federal Wildland Firefighters

Fire management decisions are made in a compressed time frame and only with the information available at the time of the occurring incident. Decisions following an incident, however are scrutinized with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. This webinar will address your liability exposures if you are involved in a serious accident or tragedy, including information on the full scope of federal investigations, potential criminal prosecutions, and personal capacity lawsuits.

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Why federal employees need professional liability insurance [Podcast]

Listen in as Tony Vergnetti explains why federal employees need professional liability insurance in episode 26 of the FedUpward Podcast.  Host Love Rutledge asks FEDS Protection’s Founder and CEO what happens when circumstances beyond employees control end up putting federal employees in the hot seat.

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Law Enforcement Liabilities | 15 Minute Webinar

Those in federal law enforcement know all too well that their actions are heavily scrutinized by the public, media, political leaders and even their own leadership. When there is an operational event that gets significant public attention, actions are also often scrutinized under a microscope with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Are you prepared to defend yourself if the scope gets turned on you? Learn from those who know about your professional exposures and liabilities and what you can do to protect yourself. In this webinar, you will learn about your civil, administrative/disciplinary and criminal exposures and how a professional liability insurance policy will protect you.

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Coronovirus Liability Exposures for Federal Employees

Lawmakers are circulating at least four proposals to establish a coronavirus commission to investigate missteps and policy holes that led to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. If you’re familiar with the 9/11 commission, you know that intelligence and law enforcement agency personnel had their actions and inactions placed under scrutiny and were then called to testify in the proceedings. The same holds true for similar tragedies where there is an overwhelming desire to assign blame. The Coronavirus blame game along with the expected contentiousness of the election will undoubtedly exacerbate blame and accountability for federal employees.

If you work for any of the federal agencies involved in the Coronavirus preparedness or response, don’t miss this webinar on your liability exposures and the protections available to you.

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Will Feds Face a Coronavirus Commission | Webinar for PMA Members

This webinar, presented to IRS managers through the Professional Managers Association, enumerates the liability exposures involved in the technical aspects of the job and the additional exposures of IRS employees and managers as a result of the Coronavirus and beyond.


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